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It's Very Quiet

Leap forth possesed,
start getting dressed,
cursing - swearing,
what 'my wearin'?
Where's me shoes?
Which shirt to choose?
My keys? - my bag,
no breakfast - snag!
Crispie? Crunchie?
what's for lunchie?
The bread looks nice, grab a slice.
But where's the wife?
(My trouble and strife?)
The kids aren't down,
(wear a deeper frown!).

A shout upstairs,
but no-one cares,
It's very quiet,
not the usual riot!
Shout once more,
then a creaking door
and a voice from behind - it,
shouts - it's - Saturday - you - twit!!!

I'm really very sad to say

I'm really very sad to say
soon 't will be my lastest day.
Whilst Sidmouth I will visit loads
to Sidmouth College I'll make no roads.
No rainbows end with pots of gold,
just emptyness - sad and cold.
But on a lighter side - I'm glad,
what I'll be doing ain't 'alf bad!
So think of me when autumn comes,
you; ahead year of sums.
I'll be doin' 'alf a week,
for twice the dosh (a flippin' cheek!)
On all me favourite social sites,
I'll soon have Facebook bang-to-rights!
Blogging, Websites, YouTube too,
oh the hell - what will I do!?

But; back to sadness for a mo',
I'm really gonna miss you so!
(What ya doin' - poetry day?
I'll look you up, if I'm down this way!)

Listen Very Hard

Silence - rare like diamonds - gold - happiness.
You can't buy silence online
"Two tins of nothing at all please! - What was that?"
I thought I heard myself think.
The 21st century stopped for a second,
all those TV's and radios
the cars and planes,
just for a second - stopped.

And there I was - me!
"Hello..." - too late!
The 21st century kicked in again!
Kicked in; and I was gone!
Like a chance meeting,
never to be repeated.
I was gone,
lost under the din that is our lives today.

I'm sure I'm still there - me, in amongst it all -
and I'm sure I will get another chance to hear myself.
I guess I'll just have to be patient - or listen very hard!