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I am

I am that busy man to ask,
I am the rule to your exception...
Me? - I'm the jack without a trade.

I am where the passing time goes,
I am where the lost youth is found...
Me? - I'm the 0.1% of germs that domestos won't kill.

I am the good thing which never ended,
I call a spade an implement to dig with...
Me? - Call me the medium cheese!

I am the round hole your square peg wont fit into,
I never look a clothes-horse in the mouth...
Me? - I'm the song the fat lady sung

 I am!


I am a tall sunflower on a summer’s day,
a flaming red sunset,
or a poppy’s red crown.

Sometimes I am Wales;
ancient and majestic.
Sometimes; Cornwall,
mysterious with a rugged beauty.

I am the fizz in long cold glass of cider,
golden like sun,
golden like the light which shines through me.

I am my history,
the past which has shaped me,
the future which has yet to be.

I am transient yet; in my children…

I am forever