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Mr Bit

Mr Bale the Thatcher.
Mr Green the grocer.
Mr Cooper the barrel maker.
Mr Curry the chef.
Mr Flint the dry stone waller.
Mr Bacon the butcher.
Mr Brush the hairdresser.
Mr Smith the blacksmith.
Mr Ring the jeweler.
Mr Driver the delivery man.
Mr Jack the mechanic.
Mr Fish the skipper.
Mr Pipe the plumber.
Mr Wood the carpenter.
Mr Glass the glazer.
Mr Bone the undertaker...

Mr Bit the terrible window cleaner.

Mr Heidegger

I haven't enough time to work out your 'Time' - Mr Heidegger
I'm too busy and it -  bores me so!
Isn't it just a waste of my grey-cells; 'Time' - Mr Heidegger
and what little grey cells I have  - do run slow
Thinking about what the 'Time' is; is a waste of time - Mr Heidegger
I really not sure I should know
The 'Time' is what the BBC say the time is - Mr Heidegger
Anymore and my brain will - overflow!