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The Humble Moth

Angel Shades,
The Beautiful Yellow Underwing.
Black Neck,
Brown Tail,
The Broad Bordered White.

Buff Tip,
The Common Clothes Moth.
A Cream Spotted Tiger,
Dew Moth,
Dott Moth,
A Dark Bordered Beauty,
The Figure of Eighty.

The Essex Emerald,
Early Grey,
Early Thorn.
A Fire Thorn Leaf Milner
The Large Red-Belted Clear Wing.

A Grey Mountain Carpet,
A Grey Scalloped Bar.
The Humming Bird Hawk Moth,
The Lackey,
A Lappet,
A Case Bearing Clothes Moth
The Langmaid's Yellow Under-Wing

A Manchester Treble Bar
A Merveille du Jour.
The Narrow Boardered Bee Hawk
Oak Beauty for sure.

Orange Tailed Clear Wing
Purple Boardered Gold.
A Rannoch Brindled Beauty
Reed Leopard,
Rest Harrow,
Beauty unfold.

The Shoulder Striped Clover
A Six Pellted Clear-Wing.
The Shark,
The Snout,
The Spectacle and Treble-Bar.
A Twin Spotted Quaker.
The humble Moth's not humble
you see just how many there are!