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...But where to!

Why do I keep returning to 'that' question?
Ya, know; the one that goes;
"There has be to be more than this!"
Surely there must! - Mustn't there?
Does it help that I choose not to believe what my eyes show me,
what my ears tell me
and what I think my soul knows - 
Too many variables!
You can't solve an equation which has too many variables!
But is life an equation?
"Life’s  = poetry x music + pi" - Pie?
What sort of pie?
You see - too many variables!!
Is life a question which must be answered?

Naahhhhh! - WRONG!

I don't know - it might be.
Maybe it's nothing at all,
but could nothing be something?

Nah! Too simple!
I need to create an explanation
which is long-winded, complicated and full of long words.
But perhaps life's just here today then-

(Ah! But where to!)