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As a kid,
I thought a cemetery a creepy place.
All those bodies...
The ashes of thousands of; DEAD people - creepy! 

I mean,
as a kid you're afraid of that 'thing' that might be under your bed,
or that 'thing' that might be hiding in your wardrobe,
why would anybody want to buy a house next door to a cemetery?
I mean; all that going on next door to your house!
Isn't life creepy enough?

So cemeteries...

Now that I am older I find them fascinating places,
peaceful places,
almost comforting. 
They sort of lend credence to the story of an afterlife,
They pose many questions; like
"Who were these people?",
"What did these people do?" and,
"How come they ended up in here?".

Questions flash through my head.
"Who are the people who come to tend to some graves?"
but more to the point,
"Who are the people who don't come to tend other graves...
and why don't they come?!"

Cemeteries are now comforting places to me.
There's nothing I like more than an early morning visit to a cemetery,
quiet and peaceful. 
With a low morning sun,
maybe some mist,
I like to walk around,
chatting to the people lying there,
so they're not being totally forgotten,
and of course this eases me into my own; inevitable demise.

Anyway; if I walk 'round and chat to these people...

maybe someone will come round a chat to me!