Early Friday Morning

Yawning and stretching.

Tired - knacked!

Bloodshot eyes.
Blurry, non-functioning eyes.

Creaking stiff bones.
Guttural noises.
Deep intake of breath.
Blown our through teeth.

Coffee - large.
Energy drinks.

Pack of 20.
30 grams rolling.
Green with extra slim,
let Friday begin


If I were to leave you -
and that would be for only one reason,
go outside on a cold and dark night and look up
and I'll be there.

A bright twinkling star,
looking down on you,
looking after you,
then; and for all time.

Take Nothing For Granted

You can feed yourself.
You can form the words you want to say
and you can move freely.

You can stand and you can sit,
take the stairs and use the toilet.
You are allowed to drive to take yourself to work so as you can earn a living to support yourself and your family.

You can do hobbies and pastimes.
You can amuse yourself with whatever you fancy,
go to football matches or watch a film.
You can cook a meal or get a takeaway.

Mow the lawn
Wash your clothes
Vacuum the stairs
Have a drink
Take a holiday
Walk the dog.


Take nothing for granted


Just waiting.
Waiting for the rain to stop,
waiting for a lift.
Waiting for that phone call,
waiting for the plumber to arrive.

Just waiting.
Waiting for the pain to stop,
waiting for a cure.
Waiting for the hurt to end
waiting for life to get better.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Waiting for the darkness to end,
waiting for the light

           ...just waiting.

Is She Alright?

Is she alright?
The lady with her things in the shopping  trolley,
the lady sat over there in the rain,
the homeless lady?
Has she eaten,
is she well?
is she alright?

Is she alright,
that woman over there?
She isn't trouble is she?
Is she alright,
wasn't she there yesterday,
was she causing trouble?
'wonder what does she wants.
What about my car,
   what about my house,
        what about my possessions?

Is she alright?

Not Dead Yet

I enter and take images -
nothing else.
       I don't disturb those who sleep amongst all that surrounds.
Eternal sleep 'neath church clocks chime.

Who are these that live no more; where are the forever dead now?

          ...Elizabeth Rogers; who were you?
Has the 'affectionate rememberance' forgotten, now that time time has moved on?

Those heavy iron gates keep the world at bay -
            but you don't care,
like those who drive past in their cars,
       the yet to be dead -
                                      the soon to be,
              sure to be...

Not Dead yet!