And She's My Little Girl

I drive past the entrance of my daughters former university campus,
like I pass her former secondary school,
and her former primary school,
the one where she messed about in the nativity play!
It's all seems so many years ago!

I see the address of her former flat in Bath still on my Amazon account.
Now she's off to the beach with someone she met online.
I'm sure he's lovely, 
she'd never do it if he wasn't!
She'd never go to all the bother of make-up and an outfit on such a hot day if he wasn't!
Doesn't stop me worry though.
I'm her Dad,
she's my little girl!
she's 23 and doing an MA,
she's still my little girl!

...Doesn't stop you worrying about it though does it!

When I Stepped On The Platform

When I stepped on the platform 
a vision did I,
see rush down the steps
with sleep in her eye.

She'd arrive with the train,
I later would find,
she didn't do mornings,
but I wouldn't mind!

Then over the freezers
one day at our shop,
a face I did spy,
that made my heart stop!

Seizing the moment
I asked of her abode,
it seems that we two
lived in the same road!

Long story short...

Now 30 years later,
"Dog:1", "Children:3".
I really think life is,
how I want it to be!


Man eyes with passion
his monster, gas-guzzling, mile-
munching' car ...Ah, love!


American style
post box. Faded red. Looks like
a sunburned bald head!

Bury Mount Towcester

Stood in the sun with a crow on top of Towcesters 'Bury Mount'.
I stop and think.
What does this crow know about the history of this mound,
the mound on which we both stand?
Now an ancient scheduled monument,
once a 'Motte and Bailey',
a former defended position,
it sat in the corner of the Roman town of Lactodurum,
upon the important Roman thoroughfare of Watling Street,
now the A5.

attacked again!
Sat in the landscape like a beacon of local power and strength,
sending out the subliminal message...
"don't you mess with us!"

Then; dressed up as a mere garden feature,
a folly, 
just a frippery,
something for the residents of the 'big house' to admire if they so wished.

but now reborn,
and a credit to the town!

I stand here with a coffee in my hand and a crow for company and I wonder.
I wonder of all this history underneath my feet!
And the crow?

...the crow flies off!

Housing Estates

Farmers grow crops of new housing estates.
The smell of the mower,
the sound of the cut grass. 
Cat settles in sunny spot.
Huge garages, 
not big enough for cars,
full of stuff!
Man dressed in office attire goes off to work to pay for it all.