An Explanation

Determination through implementation.
A coronation proclamation. 
Maybe a cremation?

The externalisation 
the computerisation of personal information.

Not extrication
nor hesitation, 
the relation of fascination 
a revelation - no resignation 
nor full explanation 
just undervaluation.

No corporate integration
the conformation 
an assignation
to hell with the vacation!

No resignation 
the congregation
merely sent a presentation!
An abomination!
Total ab-lit-er-ation
not extermination
a real irritation 
a total fabrication.
No deviation
total domination 

the proliferation 
sweeping our nation.
An illustration  
without specification 

What am I on about?
...have you - an explanation?
to this crazy - narration?

run out of rhyme

What do you do when your world won't rhyme
when you can't find the words
and you can't find the time
and your feet weight heavy
and you're on your last dime
and the darkness is yours
and your poem won't chime
and every hill that you face
is a hill you must climb
and your only hope
is a world of crime 
but you're much too old 
and you're way past your prime
and your poem won't rhyme
and your world don't chime
is a hill you must crime
is a way past your climb
and you're on your last time
and you can't find the slime
try and crawl from the grime
cos your world won't dime
and your words don't rhyme
cos your world won't chime
have you got enough time
for a tonic and lime
mix a blend so sublime...

...then you run out of rhyme

The Magpie

One for the folk law surrounding this bird
Two for the devils blood under his tongue
Three for the deathly omen he brings
and four for a thief of shiny things 

Five for a mischievous insightful breed
Six for capacity to remember your face
Seven for cognition an ability to think
and eight for "Morning Captain!" - a salute and a wink!

Nine for these are not necessarily true
and ten - so I'll leave the conclusion to you


this place is a mystery to us
it's dark
we sit at its edges
and we stare at its majesty
and we ponder
and we philosophize 
and wonder at all that it hides
we spin yarns
craft songs
and write poems - about it
and we are enchanted by its sounds
as it ripples 
at our feet as children 
it creates life long memories 
we dip our toes into its very being
immersing ourselves - and we play
we play within it
feeling its power
yet we know so little of its depths
and despite it being untrustworthy - we play
for today it's calm - tomorrow?
tomorrow - as if we've upset it
it might be violent even brutal 
it is vast - don't doubt it's power
it is empty - yet not so
creatures live here
creatures like we've never seen
we want to know more about it
it dominates us so 
but has vast areas - unexplored 
this abyss 
many many miles of unexplored wilderness 
a wilderness that is not ours
yet - it provides us food
but which could take our lives 
yet - enables some to put food on the table
but of which we are not masters
yet - which we must take care of
but of which we don't 
yet this giant - merely sleeps
catch this giant in a bad mood
and you're in trouble
this wilderness is a giant we need in
our lives
because the life of this giant
and our lives
are linked 

...and we need it
more than it needs us.

The sea.


To Say In My Defense

Am I standing still whilst the world whizzes by
is the sky coming with me for the ride 
do the birds as they pass, simply paint  the clouds - alas 
...are the raindrops simply tears from someones eye

does that sound like the truth - or  sound like a lie
what does the branch that taps my window want to know
will I ever understand, this Magpie in my hand
and will the noise of passing trains ever die 

How do I stop, a dripping tap, filling up my shoe
and where do bubbles go to when they burst
a frog hoping by, said they went into his eye
and I said that's a shame and just won't do 

Does any of what you've read make the slightest bit of sense 
If it does, then you're twice as mad as I
or perhaps it could be me, 
and madness will be my plee
the magpie 
said to say 
in my defense - yes it did!

London Through An Outsiders Eyes

people everywhere
pavements bursting
bodies pouring out onto streets
benches taken
pubs and cafes rammed
crowds swarming round popular locations
queues to get in well known shops
barely space enough for your next step
queuing for everything
to visit everything 
and photograph everything 
space at a premium 
people living in stacks of boxes
tall monoliths 
all in a scramble to reach the sky
prickly aerial masts on roofs puncture the clouds
balconies with views of nothing
thriving on constant noise 
no silence - even at night
no respite from the city's heat
permeating everything 
red buses
red phone boxes 
red faces

pavements offering no shelter
electric scooters
huge suitcases

hurry hurry hurry!
deep in the 'now' culture
everything delivered 
everything to hand
everything on an app
food for now
food for later
life delivered 
access to its places
its cafes
famous landmarks
sights to see
Tap your phone
Now now now!

London - a city
Jam packed busy
mad crazy
full to bursting
feed your senses
lots to do
lots to see
lots of experiences
A-mazing small doses!
(I want to go home please!)