Three Quid In Our Pockets

Three quid in our pockets,
what t'do?

A large Costa?
A large bottle of Coca Cola, regular or diet?
Two cans of 'Red Bull Light?'
A tin of travel sweets?
Two, two litre bottles of full cream milk, skimmed if we feel healthy?
A drum of salted peanuts?
Four 'AA' batteries?
A scratch card, maybe 3?
A Ginsters pasty, 20% free?

Or a new life!
A new beginning!
Start afresh,
across the sea,
take a boat,
you and me.
Take a few things,
let's try,
don't knock it,
anyway; we've both; 
three quid in our pocket!

(A poem inspired by the stories of migrants who came to Britain from the Indian subcontinent in the 50's & 60's with just £3's in their pockets. What would you buy?)


Rubbing her very
swollen stomach as both the
coffee and child; brewed


Some things make even
the grumpiest folk smile. We've
all got our limits!