And You

I can't begin to understand you and your struggles.
You with the arm that you can no longer feel; but who gets on with life, gets up every day and goes to work,
and you who were born in a mans body; not the body you know you should have,
and you who's body has ballooned in size but who can still smile a beautiful smile.
And you, deaf and unable to speak but able to work and make a living.
All the looks and snide comments, all the ignorance and abuse.

And you, you with anxiety and depression,
that only I know of; as I see that you have detected it within me.

I cannot begin to understand you and your life,
But I see your struggle,

     I feel your pain.

          Do you feel mine?

Stars (I Look Up)

I look up,
in the dark of an early winters morning and I see the stars.
Like llttle pin pricks of light,
arranged in groups,
forming shapes and collections.
Light that has travelled over distances we cannot imagine,
just for my eyes to see.
Distances so great that the source of many of these pin pricks may no longer exist.

Twinkling light.
Twinkling light that my relatives might have looked up and seen.
Twinkling light that the whole of the human race might have seen!
This light will have shaped our relatives thoughts, beliefs and religions.
Different times of their years would have been shaped by this light.
Different people's would have seen things differently from their different locations on earth,
but they would have looked up.

So I look up.
Looking up puts things into perspevtive.
I am very small,
up there is very, very large!
And who knows,
is looking up, and thinking the same thing!

Does any of it Exist?

You never see your money these days.
Wages - it goes in.
Direct debits and debit cards - it goes out.

Bit like your petrol.
The fuel goes in,
numbers go 'round,
the amount goes up...

Then your fuel gauge goes down,
as your fuel level goes down

   Does any of it exist?

(Haiku )

As the leaves fall and
lifes colours change, remember:
     summer's gone - winter awaits!

Early Friday Morning

Yawning and stretching.

Tired - knacked!

Bloodshot eyes.
Blurry, non-functioning eyes.

Creaking stiff bones.
Guttural noises.
Deep intake of breath.
Blown our through teeth.

Coffee - large.
Energy drinks.

Pack of 20.
30 grams rolling.
Green with extra slim,
let Friday begin


If I were to leave you -
and that would be for only one reason,
go outside on a cold and dark night and look up
and I'll be there.

A bright twinkling star,
looking down on you,
looking after you,
then; and for all time.