I thought I heard a
seagull: turned around to find
two ladies laughing!

On Their Phones

Young people pay for their "coffee to go" with their phones,
whist collecting their points with their phones,
and messaging their mates at the same time on their phones probably saying no more than "I'm just getting a coffee".
I think if they could get the coffee delivered to their phones,
to drink on their phones...

they would!


...it's dark so I turn
the lights on. Then it's too light.
So I turn them off...


The sun, so low in
the sky, his shadow arrived
way before he did!

Did You See The Wind?

Did you see the wind?
Did you see the rippling across the fields like waves on the sea,
crops bend in it's path?
Did you feel it on your face?

Did you see the wind?
Did you see the clouds casting shadows which chase across the land,
painting the sky in an ever changing canvas?
Did you feel it catch your hair?

Did you see the wind?
The ripples on the pond,
the creaking of the trees,
the rustling of it's leaves.
The wind farms arms; spinning?

Did you see the wind?

The Humble Moth

Angel Shades,
The Beautiful Yellow Underwing.
Black Neck,
Brown Tail,
The Broad Bordered White.

Buff Tip,
The Common Clothes Moth.
A Cream Spotted Tiger,
Dew Moth,
Dott Moth,
A Dark Bordered Beauty,
The Figure of Eighty.

The Essex Emerald,
Early Grey,
Early Thorn.
A Fire Thorn Leaf Milner
The Large Red-Belted Clear Wing.

A Grey Mountain Carpet,
A Grey Scalloped Bar.
The Humming Bird Hawk Moth,
The Lackey,
A Lappet,
A Case Bearing Clothes Moth
The Langmaid's Yellow Under-Wing

A Manchester Treble Bar
A Merveille du Jour.
The Narrow Boardered Bee Hawk
Oak Beauty for sure.

Orange Tailed Clear Wing
Purple Boardered Gold.
A Rannoch Brindled Beauty
Reed Leopard,
Rest Harrow,
Beauty unfold.

The Shoulder Striped Clover
A Six Pellted Clear-Wing.
The Shark,
The Snout,
The Spectacle and Treble-Bar.
A Twin Spotted Quaker.
The humble Moth's not humble
you see just how many there are!