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8 Hours

Driving along the dual carriageway, 
home from work,
along the opposite carriageway I drove to work on,
only now it is day light,
then it was dark,
and now I am happy but tired,
then I was just sleepy and wishing it was all over,
but it hadn't even begun.

Now I am 8 hours older,
8 hours wiser.
Then I was 8 hours younger and had no clue what my day of work had in store for me.
I had no a clue what the world was going to do in those 8 hours,
what the news headlines would be,
who would live and who would die,
who's life would be changed forever, 
and whose would remain the same.

That person of 8 hours earlier,
was I ignorant?
Would I want to know about life in 8 hours time?
Where is that person now?
As I drive home,
where is that person of 8 hours earlier?
Has he gone forever, 
can I find him,
what would I say to him if I did?
Knowing what he'd become...
8 hours later.