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Autumn Has Come Upon Me

Autumn has come upon me.
My leaves are turning a mellow red.
The bright golds and ochres which lay hidden,
now burst forth!
The desire to please people,
do the right thing thing,
conform and fit in -
lay 'round my feet like autumn leaves,
waiting to decay and nourish the years which remain to me.

I now know myself.
Who I am,
what I am,
what I believe in!
I have a confidence which only years can bring.
I can sense winters approach,
I have been here before.
The shorter days,
the chill,
the winds tell me my time in this place is limited,
I must make best use of the time I have.

I'm not turning inwards.
There is no melancholy here.
Autumn is a beginning too!
The beginning of it's long dark evenings.
Evenings to create,
snuggle warm 'round roaring log fires,
share tales with loved ones,
eat hearty food and take long walks
kicking the piles of golden leaves which others have shed.

Autumn has come upon me,
bringing experience,
wisdom and endless possibilities.