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"Why is there any 'Being' at all - why not far rather; Nothing?" asked Heidegger.
Wouldn't 'Nothing' be too boring?
Philosophers argue; life is all about fending off boredom -
filling the gaps between life's start and it's end. 
Can the solution to life really be a fight with ones mind and it's need for greater fulfilment, and occupation?

The solution to the noisy motor bike outside my window is 'distance';
it's powerful motor - the motor which produced the noise in the first place;
has now taken the noise beyond my hearing - 
therefore the problem is the means to a solution!
Surely boredom is life's catalyst - a means to a solution
Surely without boredom we'd not have our philosophers, our inventors and artists.

Some choose to ignore the minds call for fulfilment and occupation,
they court the boredom and welcome its presence.
Those who choose to pander to the mind and it's demands for fulfilment and occupation
reward the mind like a child's tantrum is rewarded with negative attention;
by the mother at the end of her tether - and so they are the ones who create

They are the ones who find the answers,
they create the machines and produce the art!