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What Is Normal Anyway?

Remember 'normal?'
Normal used to be many things it isn't now.
Normal used to be Saturday afternoon on the terraces, 
cheering 'em on.
Saturday evening in the pub, 
with ya mates,
celebrating a win!
Normal used to be a visit to see your Mum,
a hug when you turned up,
and kiss when you left.
Normal used to be not having to wear masks,
and not getting 'looks' when you leave it in the car by mistake.

Normal is now sitting in your Dads lounge and everyone has a mask on.
Normal is phrases like,
'Social distancing'...
Normal is being anxious!

"What's normal?" people ask.
Nobody knows anymore.
"It's the new normal!" people say.
What does that mean?
The new normal is waiting for a vaccine. 
Waiting for a letter from your doctor saying come in and get vaccinated. 
Perhaps 'waiting' is the new normal.
Waiting to see if you'll survive the chaos.
The financial chaos,
the social chaos.
Perhaps chaos is normal.

What's normal anyway?