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I Love Looking at Clouds

Meteorologists say a cloud is a visible mass of minute liquid droplets.
I see a bird!
There are frozen crystals or other particles,
I see a head with a face.
Particles suspended in the atmosphere of a planetary body or similar space.
I see a countryside scene, 
spreading out in front if me,complete with hills and valleys.                                              I see a whole new world,        there right above me!                     ...I love looking at clouds!


Huge mackerels swim through seas of blue.
Vast cliff faces rise in front of me along imaginary shorelines.
Rivers flow slowly through mysterious lands,
down into immense deltas to uncharted oceans dotted with tall schooners sailing.

Faces come and go as I look,
whipped ice-cream peaks and candy-floss sticks,
cotton-wool balls and creamy white mashed potatoes.

Dynamic, unique and totally magical