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The Burp

The burp is a funny creature
which lives deep inside.
But if you try to look for it,
They'll only run and hide!

No doctors ever seen a burp,
no pictures can you find.
Have a look on Google,
you'll find nothing of the kind!

Now; although the burp is very shy
and tricky to locate,
be sure you'll find a burp appear
at a time you're gonna hate!

They never pop out in the dead of night; when you are all alone,
but make an entrance; big and loud,
when you are on the phone,
or if someones 'round for a cup of tea, with Mum; and they are chatting,
the adults conversation's stopped...
when a burp goes and throws its hat in!

Where it comes from; know-one knows, and why did it come out now?
Why couldn't come just a minute ago,
for now I'm in trouble - and how!

And parents just don't understand,
a burp and all its habbits.
They always go around in pairs,
they multiply like rabbits!

Let me pass my wisdom on,
I feel I'm duty bound.
You're never going to rid yourself,
the burp is all around!
They'll pop out when you want them least, at any age - but beware...
That 'son of burp' is out there,
he is lying in his lair.
Waiting for the worst of times,
a monster - cross my heart!
'Son of burp' is evil,
we will call him... 'Stinky Fart!'