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A gardening outfit required.
A "never to be seen in the outside world again" outfit,
a beyond old outfit,
a perfect for gardening outfit!
Spade and wellies from the shed,
kneeling pad for my poor old knees,
big rake,
and look out garden for here I come!

Soon the soil stains are everywhere.
Hands have turned a redish brown,
my nose has a redish brown stain where I itched it,
and sweat is blurring my glasses.
Nobody told me gardening was such hard work!
Take step or two back to admire my handy work,
catch my breath.
Nearly done.
One last look and imagine it this time next year.

Time to put the spade, trowl and wellies away.
Bath time,
boy is it bath time!
The sort of Bath time where you need to wash your hands before you get in!

Oooooooh! Hot water on my shoulders.
Work your magic!
Grab the nail brush to remove the one half of the garden which ended up under my nails.

...Time for lunch.