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After a long dry spell the rain came,
very heavy rain!
Rain that bounced off the pavement,
the cars,
the rooftops.
Roads turned into rivers,
drains struggled to cope.
Driveways became a white water rafting courses.
The dry ground shrugged it all off.
Puddles grew on front lawns,  and rapidly became ponds.
Everywhere puddles formed,
growing and growing and growing.
Things washed down the street,
were we all going to be washed away?


All of a sudden...

As quickly as it started...

What seemed like would go on forever...



Laying in the bath
listening to the rain. Glad
to be in the dry


It was cold and still.
I could feel the approaching
raindrops on my lips


Clouds as black as night unload huge raindrops onto the conservatory roof.
The sound is like the end of the world,
but they quickly roll by and are gone,
leaving an "after-rain-freshness",
peace and calm...
and that smell,
and a stillness in the air which heralds blue skies,
and a bright,
sun set.