Grief: A little void 
in my heart that great sadness
is allowed to fill

Always My Big Brother

Always you've been there.
Big brother, 
my big brother,
always my big brother. 

Someone said: "Children are like pancakes,
the first one is always a bit weird!"
You were the first one.
You had your own bedroom,
you went to a private school,
you got the first trip to London with the grandparents. 
You're now the first one to die.

you had cancer.
That evil disease that multiplies out of control inside you.
Simon and Garfunkel once sang;
"Silence like a cancer grows"
They weren't wrong,
we didn't see this coming!
All we could do for you was give you our time.
Time we repaid to you for the time you gave to us and our little family.

You gave it like they were your own.
Time you gave being the perfect uncle,
time you gave when we were struggling,
time you gave just being there.

time is such a priceless commodity,
yet so under valued and over looked.
A commodity not available to everyone,
and now a commodity which ran out for you. 

Now we are going to have spend time getting used to you not being around.
Time is indeed;
Although you are now out of time, 
you're also out of pain and at peace.

In my mind I still see you,
the generous, 
caring man.
Always there,
and always my big brother.


Accounts on my phone
which now can't reach him. Above
the clouds; the sun shines


Nobody should have
to change to fit in. The world 
will acclimatise 


Spider rescued from
bath knows nothing of kindness.
All life is precious. 


The sending of a 
'Get Well' card sometimes is a 
gesture misguided