That beer is drunk!
True, she lied
The sky is blue,
and so is your mouth!
If a newspaper is read,
what colour is blood? she asked.
Black is white and white; black -
prove me wrong she argued!
I looked in a mirror and it told me an untruth...

Trouble at the Bank

Mr Green died.

His account red -
His own obituary.

At the church
The trumpets blue -
With cold
and the mourners wore black,

The bells peeled in the sun.

Down the Garden Path

She stood in the sun -
hosing down the yellowing lawn,
in the rain,
with dry white wine,
so as not to waist water,
which ran off the roof,
collecting in a water butt,
it ran away...
down the garden path

Demistifying Pad

I bought a demistifying Pad from the car care section at my local petrol station.
Least, I thought that's what I thought it was called..
I must admit,
life still feels very confusing  - even with it!

Man in the Supermarket

A man in the supermarket
with no list, no clue
what to buy
what to do. Why?

Was it bread, she said?
Kitchen foil? - Toil, toil!
Think think! Bleach for the sink?
Food for the cat - not that!

What to do;
what to get.
Beer, cigarettes?
Yes! No, no.
No list, no clue
what to buy
what to do?

Ah my mobile - I'll ring
she'll tell me that thing
my mind won't recall - at all.
no list, no clue
what to buy
what to do.

"Yes, yes it's me" said he, on the phone in the shop.
I am here, dear
but you gave me no list; no clue,
what to buy what to do.

Yes, yes! Ah! Credit for my mobile and...



To Find Myself

I thought I'd  have to go to India "to find myself",
but I looked in the long bedroom mirror and there I was!
Job done!