Demistifying Pad

I bought a demistifying Pad from the car care section at my local petrol station.
Least, I thought that's what I thought it was called..
I must admit,
life still feels very confusing  - even with it!

Man in the Supermarket

A man in the supermarket
with no list, no clue
what to buy
what to do. Why?

Was it bread, she said?
Kitchen foil? - Toil, toil!
Think think! Bleach for the sink?
Food for the cat - not that!

What to do;
what to get.
Beer, cigarettes?
Yes! No, no.
No list, no clue
what to buy
what to do?

Ah my mobile - I'll ring
she'll tell me that thing
my mind won't recall - at all.
no list, no clue
what to buy
what to do.

"Yes, yes it's me" said he, on the phone in the shop.
I am here, dear
but you gave me no list; no clue,
what to buy what to do.

Yes, yes! Ah! Credit for my mobile and...



To Find Myself

I thought I'd  have to go to India "to find myself",
but I looked in the long bedroom mirror and there I was!
Job done!

Sunday Morning Shopping Mall (The)

The buzz from the key cutter.
The 55 inch flat screen TV's
The wait for a familiar face,
the joy when we see one!
The demands of the children.
The C. C. T. V .
The insistence of the parent.
The young and the old.
The queue in the clothes shop.
The stare at her screen.
The door that once opened means the start of the day.
"The best slopes this winter" .
"The long winter sun".
The stairs; a great playground.
The highly polished floor; reflecting.
The lights in row.
The incomprehensible accents
and "coffees to go"

Glass Skylight Light Show

Glass skylight light show.
A deep blue canvass speckled white and grey with scudding clouds ever changing.

Promising a stunning sun set,
The yellow setting sun hinting of flaming autumnal oranges reds and ochres.
But I will not be here to see it,
this sunset will not be mine

The Male of the Species

(To be read in a David Anttenborough whisper) 

Here we see the male of the species foraging for a meal,
Is it be the pasty or a sandwich?
We see him struggle with the fridge door,
I think its going to be the pasty,
no, no he can't open it - it'll have to be a packet of crisps!

Then we see the female enter the shop and the male scurries to find something healthy to impress the female.
We see him falsely deliberating over two types of tinned fruit,
the female isn't impressed and goes straight for the nuts - cashew I believe!

Once she has returned to the car, the male returns to the fridges and continues his struggle with the door!