The Queue

What a wonderful thing the queue is.
We Brits love to queue.
A simple piece of engineering
said to have been brought about around the 19th century when the industrial revolution brought many people into cities to work at the same physical location.
It has become engrained in the English way of life.
Based on the 'first come first served' principle,
the queue allows a group of like minded people the ability to achieve a similar outcome,
ie to get something or get into somewhere,
fairly and justly.
New arrivals to the location or situation can decide if they wish to join the queue,
by a simple calculation,
looking at the current queues length and it's rotation speed,
ie, the length of time it is taking to get from the joining end of the queue to the queues goal,
and deciding if queueing is worth the time the queue might take to work through.
Supposedly famed for our civilised approach to the queue,
it can be argued we Brits still hold a good queue as 'British way of life'...

So what's with this guy here!
Which cave has he been living in for the last 50 years!
"Hey there's a bloody queue here mate! Get to the back!"

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