Can't Honestly Say I Knew Her

"Don't I know you?" asked the lady in the wheelchair,
with the dog,
at the station,
waiting by the rising barriers,
as the train from which she'd just alighted,
drifted into the distance,
"Yes I know you!"

How does one answer that statement?
Maybe she does know me!
Maybe we met in a dream, 
on a deserted island,
with soft golden sands and...

She brought me back from that train of thought with, 
"maybe I don't! 
It's just; you look like someone I used to know, 
someone who used to live 'round here, 
then left. 
I didn't think he'd come back!"

Who was this man, 
blessed with my good looks?
Were they an item?
Maybe I've just made,
then completely ruined her day,
all in the blink of an eye!

I can't honestly say I knew her.

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