Don't Get Old

Don't get old! They say the dark evenings of the autumn of ones life will bring a chill; with nothing to look forward to but the cold days of winter. The only warmth your soul will experience will be the memories of your summer's past.
All those once dear will be gone. Your close friends will have passed on and those whom you love will no longer visit; leaving you miserable and alone.
The good health you took for granted will decline. You will become unwell and the simplest function will become a chore, robbing you of your independence. 
You might as well just give up. What life you have left will be sapped from you. All you will want to do is sit in your chair and stare out of the window.
You will already have lost your looks, maybe you'll loose your mind. Locked into your own little world, unable to communicate you will grow bitter, resentful and distant.

Yet think of this. You will have amassed a great weaith of experience, use it! Develop a heightened sense of self, allow the real you to shine through! Become that golden autumn leaf that, having been green for so long, whose very function was to create energy for the plant on which you sat, suddenly sheds its dowdy green coat and lets the golden colours of autumn shine through. The colours of autumn with which you show the world whom you really are. The real you which you have been hiding most of your life.
Buy that hat, those shoes that don't go with anything and sell your TV. Get a dog, maybe a fluffy 'Sausage dog' or a 'Great Dane' and call him "Scooby Doo!" Go to all those festivals you never went to, see the sun rise over 'Stonehenge' and buy an old camper van! Push those golden boundaries, live life to the full

Live a little, live a lot!  ...but don't get old!

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