Stressed Parent

"Sit down!" echos around the near empty restaurant for the 9th time,

"Sit down!"

Even the bribe of a meal from this fast food outlet doesn't work.

And then; the 11th time; "sit down!" but this time the bark has the added "...or you won't get any chicken!" which facilitates quiet and a temporary cessation of hostilities.

Stressed parent heads for the counter to order and almost immediately the fighting starts up.

"I want... I want... want want want!"

"Sit down!!" - I've lost count by now.

A sort of quiet ensues. ...

Stressed parent, with tray of fried chicken and assorted extras re-enters the war zone, the chicken a sort of "United Nations" between these 2 waring factions.

"United nations chicken" and assorted extras plonked between them, peace returns!

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