Are You Me?

Who's that face I see in the mirror?
Who is it staring back at me - who can it be?
Through the round of my glasses,
I see life as if through a window.
I am me; here inside,
looking out - and seeing you.
I see you in shop windows,
in the reflection of my cars paint work,
and in the shine of the bathroom taps...
although you're always up-side-down.
Who are you?

I think I once heard your voice,
on a message;
on a voice-mail.
I thought your tone familiar...
but now I'm not so sure.
Who are you!
What is it you want from me!
Are you following me?
What is it you want...
what is it you do?

How-come I never see you around...
only as a reflection?
Are you mocking me?
Are you mocking?
Are you...
Are you me?

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