This Is Their Nation

Where are those hopeful faces,
now; no traces,
those pretty young things; with wings; to fly;
their cause; no nuke no wars
to have their say; today
to hit the world; head-on...
Now - have - all - gone,
The world must change; rearrange,
All wrongs would be righted,
Untruths; exposed and ignited
so that darkness was lighted.

Me and you; what did we do,
has the fight inside - died,
did we grow too old to care;
grey hair, grey mind,
leave anger behind?

Did the fight slip away; for another day.

We were once those young faces; those places were ours, powers,
that were then; call again,
The hair maybe grey;
But the fights not gone away!
So the young - have your say!

Tell this generation
this - is - their - nation!

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