Without chickens we’d never know,
who came first!
And what would the colonel do?
What would he deep fry,
to go with his chips?
So much depends on the chickens!

Who’d incubate in the incubators,
who’d battery or range free?
And what about the rows,
of empty supermarket freezers?
So much depends; on our fluffy -  feathered - friends!

What would the poor chefs;
cook in the kitchen?
……  chasseur and ……  Kiev’s
Nothing supreme,
Indeed;  nothing in a basket…
So much depends; on our mis-under-stood friends!!

They are but do-mest-ic-ated fowl,
some crossed over the road! (don’t ask me why!)
They’re poultry , to some;
but what would we keep?
What would fly the coup?
Who would we coup-up?
What about our nest-egg?
What would we not count? (before they were hatched!)
Who’d be sunny side up!
or hard-boiled inside?
Who’d top the pecking order or ruffle your feathers?
Shake your tail-feather, bird brain!

…You're chicken you chickened out!

Oh so much depends on the chickens!

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