Two Other Galaxys!

This is the place where I realised I was very small.
When you've seen two other galaxys - different galaxys from our own;
you know you are very small; very, very small!

When you've seen two other galaxys you also know that the softness
of your sofa or the type of bottled water you drink doesn't really matter.
How can a sofa be important anymore when you've seen two other galaxys?
What could be more important anyway?
I'm not sure!
What seems important one day can't really be important the next day when you've seen two other galaxys!

I mean; do the people in the other galaxys worry about how soft their sofas are or just what type of bottled water they drink?
I bet they don't!
I bet they have more important things to worry about like why they have hair on the insides of their eye-lids and when the X-Factor is back on and just why did anyone put it on in the first place!

I think we worry too much about the softness (or otherwise) of sofas and bottled water.
I think it would be much better if we worried about more important things ...don't you?

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