Once More Home

Once more to see the shore again,
and feel the rolling seas before.
To hear the roar,
and feel spray; salt taste on my lips,
again to walk with sand 'neath my feet,
and cliffs behind me; tall -
I want home!

For; far beyond that peninsula in lands without edges,
endless lands,
lands without end nor beginning,
I am lost!
If I were able to fly like a seagull flies atop a cliff would fly;
here above these endless lands
all I would spy is a patchwork spread before me,
like a ship at sea seeing nothing but sea.

Here I am nothing;
like the endless lands are nothing.
I am no-one as they have no identity to call their own.
Take me home!
To once more see the shore again,
to feel the rolling seas
to hear the roar
and feel spray; salty taste on my lips -
once more home.

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