Waiting For The Tide To Turn (This is not what I planned)

'er in the green dress
looks like trouble I guess
look; rolling another fag -
what a slag!

And the lifeguards in cahoots
with the girls in bathing suits
all sit there and giggle -
arses a wiggle!

All those hampers re-pleat
with sandwiches to eat
the newspaper to hand  -
"well isn't this grand!"

Sat on fold away chairs
which; kept under the stairs
50 weeks of the year -
"wot d'ya say dear?"

"get the factor 10 out,
slop it about;
my god what's the time? -
all this waitin's a crime!"

"A man's gonna burn
by the time the tide turns
and uncovers the sand -
this is not what I planned!"

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