It's hard to workout what the young are saying
what they are trying to convey?
we are both using the same language
but they use it in a different way!

They use the same words as I do
but in a context, at odds, with mine
the words sound the same but their usage
is something, that I must, redefine

"Cringe" - means embarrassingly tacky
"sick -  is now high praise
will these meanings enter the dictionary 
or is it just, a short, passing phase?

If that wasn't enough there's text speak
tapped on the screens of their phone
they can make up a sentence just from letters
they live in a world of their own!

"F-Y-I" 'for your information
'in case you missed it' "L-M-A-O"
'laugh my arse off' - no word of a lie!

Apparently languages do evolve
and history has given it's view
thank goodness we don't speak like Shakespeare 
"This above all, to thine own self 
be true!"

I don't speak like my Grandparents did
and I'm sure that, 
do you!

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