I'd like a membership to this club
but I can't apply - and here's the rub
although this thought fills my mind
I cannot join - I'd be declined
I think about it every day
this club helps keep 'the blues' away
I'm not quite sure what type I'd be
there are so many types I see
some garden, planting things to grow
blooms they exhibit in a show
the active ones give golf a try! 
do something new - sail or fly!
some head to the dump with daily runs
take all the clutter their partner shuns
some wash their cars and polish them too
meticulously - like they never used to do!
I'm sure some of them must get bored 
missing the things they once adored
but your house might be in disrepair 
sheds full of rubbish - junk everywhere 
a garden like a jungle you can't see its end
fences waiting for you to mend
but what do you do when everything's complete
your garden, the shed, it's all looking neat!
yes the lawn will need a trim
a weed and an edge, 
a water, 
or a strim
but you've got seven days a week to fill
if you can't fill them, I know who will!
that said I can't wait I'd be inspired!
I've lots I want to do - when I'm retired!

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