Getting Old

Children are in everything!
They drive cars
they're buying houses
they're even having children of their own! 
The police recruit them.
They're all over our 'screens'
they're driving trains,
they're even becoming doctors!
They're all over society
they're running their own businesses
they're becoming teachers
they're even standing for parliament!
They're everywhere in sport.
They play for our top teams
they're playing for their countries 
they're even becom...
...wait a minute. I just getting old!

The Sun Sets Light to The Evening

The largest of women got out of the smallest of cars.
The once annoying youth,
now a young man 
holds the door open for a very short lady who, 
compensates for her size with a huge personality.
There is always hope!
With the speaker on,
a man talks loudly into his mobile phone
but is drowned out by a deafening sign language argument,
so much hand waving!
It sounds like she's coping.
The sun sets light to the evening.

The Best Turkish Dentistry Could Provide

The cherished number plate 
hides the true age 
of the car
on the forecourt
the make-up 
and surgery 
hides the true age 
of its driver. 
The choice 
of a purchase 
testifies to an upbringing 
the outfit 
she's selected 
screams along!

For in a 'less than
designer tracksuit
with a 'bona fide
fake gold necklace
round a 'genuine
spray-tanned neckline (which no suns rays have ever seen)
two lips 
with more filler 
than a '75 Ford Cortina
and boobs 
so full of silicone,
her bra's prepared to quit
with a fake 
but unconvincingly labelled handbag 
from a well-known internet auction site 
lyes the 'not-quite
latest iPhone 
trussed up
like her boobs
in a fake 
diamond phone case
with more sparkle  
than her teeth
which are the best 
Turkish dentistry 
could provide!


With phone and a fag, 
tinted hair and her handbag -
she goes off to work

Silently Grows The Grass

A dog took a man for a walk,
I told a little bird.
A horse saw a beautiful person 
hanging their head over the fence,
so it stroked the person's face
the muddy paddock marking its hooves.
A fence jumped over a sheep
as the sheep counted the people that don't sleep.
Trees don't grow far from their acorns
but the log slept like a human.

By day the shadows run and hide 'neath a tree
sleeping by night 
only woken by the bright light of the moon
as the earth rejects the sun, 
winter creeps in - autumn leaves
'fall' in America.
Leaves the carpet of gold.

With a great fanfare - silently grows the grass.

Fat People

Diet coke
Diet shakes
Diet chocolate
Fat people

Skinny fries
Skinny lattes
Skinny Jeans
Fat people

Sugar free gum
Sugar free drinks
Sugar free mints
Fat people

Lite spread
Lite beers
Lite oils
Fat people

Slimline tonics
Slimline monitors
Slimline dishwashers
Fat people!