Did You?

Did you see the man run across the sky today?
Did you see the fish get up then just walk away?
Did you share the sun,
did you hear it shine?
Did you taste its story once upon a time?

Did you see the bird driving in his car today?
Did you watch the grass find a different place to lay?
Did you see it grow,
did you draw its pain?
When the grass was cut in the pouring rain?

Did you touch reward?
Did you see its joy?
Did you see the girl,
playing with the boy?
Did you see them shout,
did you hear them hide?
Did you see them happy,
happiness inside?

Did you hear my words written on a page today?
Did you get the message I was trying to convey?
Did they wash your soul,
did they draw a smile?
Did they make you stop for a little while?

Or did you see the man,
or did you see the bird?
Did you touch reward and can you say that you heard?

...Did you?


Rabbit Eats Lettuce

Lettuce eats rabbit!
Parcel delivers man.
Car washes man.
Wind breaks man.
Mask forgets man.

Stick chews dog!
Bottle smashes lady.
Red wears lady.
Cigarette smokes lady.
Coffee drinks lady.

Nail hits hammer!
Book writes author.
Paintings create artists.
Car fixes mechanic.
Window cleans bloke.

A boy stings a wasp.

Bloke cleans window.
Mechanic fixes car.
Artists create paintings.
Author writes book.
...Hammer hits a nail.

Lady drinks coffee.
Lady smokes cigarette.
Lady wears red.
Lady smashes bottle.
...Dog chews a stick.

Man forgets mask.
Man 'breaks wind'.
Man washes car.
Man delivers parcel.

...And Rabbits eat lettuce. 

In A Forest

If you're in a forest 
and the cashier is wearing a mask...
How do you know the mask has been there all the time?

Global Warming

As kids we knew nothing of global warming, 
as we piled coal onto Granny's lounge fire.
the coal scuttle was always full,
and if not, 
Grandads shed was,
and it was regularly topped up as if by magic!

Our faces would become as red as the flames which licked up the chimney.
Occasionally we were caught at it and would be told to stop.

The village was built on coal.
The villagers didn't know anything about global warming. 
Grandad had spent his working life in coal.
He was the wages clerk at the pit.
As well as being a wizard with numbers,
he knew most of the men in the village by their role numbers.
He knew nothing of global warming,
neither did the men.
They just knew that coal put food on the table,
clothes on their backs,
and shoes on their kids feet.

Those kids now know about global warming. 

Unrelated Events

Flapping pheasant stands in field as dog takes old man for walk.
Customers empty shelves.
The sun; beams.

Daughter smiles as Dad pulls face through car window. 
Daughter returns to her screen.

Breeze brings cold.
Trees shiver.
Sun darts behind clouds,
blue becomes grey.
Clouds cry and drift off.

Tears become snow.
Linda buys large coffee.
To compensate,
motor-home moves off,
'tortoise like',
ahead of many cars.

I'm Not Just The Clothes I Wear

I'm not just the clothes I wear,
nor the haircut I sport,
nor the shoes which marked your nice clean floor,
nor the crazy bright trousers I'm often found wearing!

I'm not the car I drive,
the house I live in,
nor the job I do.

I am me.
It's taken me 60 years to work that out,
why I wear my hair the way I do,
I wear the shoes I do, 
and wear those crazy coloured trousers!
I drive that car because I love it,
and because it's so 'terribly me'.
I am my family and my children and my home.
I am my crazy dog!

Look again!
Notice the colourful paint stains on my finger nails,
the laughter lines around my face,
my scarred hands,
the cheeky,
childish demeanor,
and the joy on my face when it starts to snow in April!

I have done more than you'll ever know,
but I am most definitely not, just the clothes I wear!