Could Do Their Bit Too

What did your relatives do in the last world war?
What battalion were they in?
What ship did they serve on?
What submarine did they crew?
Which aircraft did they navigate?
What beaches did they land on?

Where did they fight?
What great battles were they involved with?
Into where were they airlifted?
Into where did they parachute?
And to which camp were they sent?

Did they suffer much pain?
Were they repatriated?
What medals did they get?
Or where did they die?

Im proud to say my relatives didn't fight
My relatives stayed at home
They stayed at home as 'essential workers'
Digging the coal to keep the country moving
Keeping the steam powered ships ready and able to fight the enemy 
Protecting our shores
Protecting the convoys which kept us fed
Powering the trains which moved the armaments 
Moved the supplies unloaded from ships
Warming those long dark nights
Keeping those home fires burning
Doing their bit
So those who got medals
Could do their bit too


A Dad encourages his son to the healthy drinks section
then chooses an "energy drink" for himself.
Being a Dad is tough!


Cafine. The wonder
drug that fixes all known ills, 
including mornings

Schrodingers Ambulance

Rather than taking poorly people to the people hospital
it is itself being taken to the ambulance hospital on the back of a breakdown truck.
It is at the same time both an ambulance
yet not an ambulance!


'The action of violating an item
or a person
or a place'
a breach
an invasion
an infringement or infraction
an intrusion 
a break in
a forced entry into a private space
a violation of something private
somewhere they shouldn't be
somewhere personal
cared for
worked hard for
a place where we once felt safe
treated with irreverence 
stripped of its trust and security
defiled and desecrated 
not the items taken
the trinkets and mementos 
not that which is tangible 
that which is within
the memories defiled 
the feeling of safety 
the loss of that feeling that this is our fortress
our castle
our safe place to be 
a place where we can be us
our own space...
now gone

Grandad Enjoy It

Who smokes a pipe these days
my Grandad used to smoke a pipe
he kept all his smoking paraphernalia in a pouch 
smoking a pipe was such a ceremony
the pouch contained a tin of unrubbed tobacco
rubbed and ready to use tobacco was loose in the bottom
a box of swan matches 
and he had pipe cleaners
as kids we never knew what pipe cleaners were for but we had great fun making models with them
he also had a pipe smokers penknife
the penknife had a blade at one end and a tamper at the other 
this was an important part of the ceremony 
Grandad would carefully cut up the solid roll of tobacco with the blade
then he'd rub it with his fingers inside of the pouch making it ready for use
then he'd carefully and precisely load the pipe bowl with a measure of tobacco
and using the tamper 
he'd push the tobacco firmly into the bowl
I can still hear him drawing hard on the pipe
and the strike of the match on the box
I can see the lit match hovering over the bowl
the flame disappearing into the pipe  with every draw
as he did
his lips would smack on the mouthpiece
once successfully lit 
he'd expel the smoke with great triumph into the air with his head tilted back.
he also have a large silver lighter 
the lighter had been presented to him by his work mates at the pit where he'd spent most of his working life
the large engraved lighter stayed on the side table 
it was part of the ceremony 
but was rarely used
we'd occasionally light it
once lit and functioning well
a look of great pleasure came across his face as he dragged purposefully on the pipe
the smoke which filled the room didn't seem to bother anyone
I can smell it now
it was just what happened when Grandad smoked his pipe
Grandad enjoyed it