Supper was "cheesy
dips" and a "cherry ice vape"
Some fruit I suppose

The Eye

The eye  
the organ of vision - and so much more!
A soul that hurts cries out through its eyes
look into the eyes of a soul that is in torment
see into their internal struggle 
no words are needed - eyes don't lie!
You can't control what your eyes are saying 
if you like something 
the pupil will become wider
more open
immediately and involuntarily - they dilate  
you can't hide it 
look into the eyes of a loved one
eye contact is a powerful stimulator of affection.
eye to eye
soul to soul 
looking through loving eyes is enough to leave you wanting more
direct eye to eye contact evokes positivity
changes in the eye communicate to others 
how we think 
how we feel
...yes the eye is the organ of vision
it is flooded with light
taking Information on shapes
picked up by the retina 
sending all that to the brain 
to process.

...but the eye is more - so much more
what I see isn't what you see
you see things differently from me
my eyes notice
my eyes see words
pictures where there aren't any 
they feel colours
humor where you don't 
irony in everyday items
love where shouldn't be love
my eyes see beauty where your eyes might not

...but the eye is beauty
we look at the face - but we see the eyes
have you ever looked into the huge
glass-like eyes of a horse? 
Look into its eyes
you can see the intelligence of this magnificent creature 
you can feel it checking you out  checking - working out whether it should trust you or not
through its eyes
you can see the world refected on the surface of this huge round eye
the world that it is looking at
feel this intelligent creature working it all out
...through its eyes,
it huge,
stunning eyes!

The eye is more.
The eye is so much more


It came in the night whilst everyone slept
'cross fields, into gardens it silently crept
blue sky, 
white earth 
and sandwiched between 
a lingering mist to complete the scene
the leaves of autumn which lay on the ground
now frozen, made a crunching sound 
and sparkled, in the light, of a brand new day
as the watery sunlight came out to play
hands in pockets to keep them warm
as heavy breath, huge clouds did form
but covered fingers still feel the nip
of "Jack Frost" bitting at their tip
an aeroplane hangs in a "gin clear" sky 
it's trail was all that I could spy 
clouds of steam from fences rise
the sunrise full, now fills my eyes

...those sleepy heads in warm beds lay
will miss the start of this new day
for the suns rays, the frost won't wait
for those sleepy heads, 
it'll be too late


A filthy car drives by the carwash

A lady buys a disposable "vape" and 20 cigarettes

Sat on the ice-cream freezer 
are wooly hats, gloves and scarves 
for sale at the petrol station

Man wearing camouflage trousers and a hi-viz jacket walks by - I think
I can only see his top half

A man in shorts and a T-Shirt 
wrapped 'round his neck is a thick wooly scarf - well it is cold!

There's a house with patio heaters outside next to two air-conditioning units up on the back wall

In the 6pm December gloom, 
a woman in sunglasses pressing the button on the pedestrian crossing, 
not waiting
crosses despite the 'red man' still showing
maybe the crossing's broken!

They Made Two Children

They'd made two children - together 
but at the station; both in their own car
they swapped the turns with child care
the routine was working so far

He was to have them overnight Tuesday
then every other weekend 
her solicitor having won the case
so the hours he couldn't extend

These meetings like KGB "Dead Drops"
a "hand-over" where nothing was said
"no arguing in front of the children!"
it all had to go via the solicitor instead

She said he'd been having an affair
which he said was totally untrue
her brief said that he had some photos 
with which he could tighten the screw

So sat in their cars; the fairy tale ends
on this "once-upon-a-time" love affair
in a station carpark the final page turned
no "happily ever after" for this pair

made two children togther
now living separate lives elsewhere 

I Believe In Poetry

I believe in poetry 
I want to be on an island and be compelled to write it
to simply have to write what I feel and
what I see!
I want to be on an island where the sea is everything 
our passage
our food
our soul
our inspiration 
...and possibly our distruction
I want to chase seagulls along the beach it formed
splash in its shallows 
feel it's cold against my skin
breath it in
feel it I my soul
...and then write
write poetry
write poetry because of it!
The sea is all around us
it is everything 
it is who I am 
it made us
there are words that haven't yet been put together in a poem
I have words in my soul that will fit together
I want to banish all and be a prisoner to it
on an island
on an island with the sea to hand
with a fire and warm clothes
with a stocked up larder
and to close the door on a world that doesn't understand 
on an island surrounded by a sea that does
looking within myself
and staring into the jaws of my own death 
that is the sea
to feel the wind and spray on my face
to write about what I feel
to express my soul on an island
to write poetry
and to explore 
...and to share 

All that I feel - in poetry