All the same people -
doing the same things - all at 
the same time - Sunday


Girl pulls at very
short skirt - like its going to 
cover anything!

The Leaf Blower

The Leaf blower.
A sort of reverse vacuum cleaner.
Is there a more stupid device in all of humanity?
A device which blows but really 'sucks!'
A temporary fix.
Clouds of leaves and dust take to the air
dust storms created
leaves and dust rearranged - moved slightly 
blowing it over the fence
passing it on to a neighbour
covering nearby cars
make people cough - then settling back to the spot it took off from.
Is this the best the greatest brains can come up with?
Is this the zenith of human creation?
Or is it ten out of ten for the marketing department?
One of those things you never knew you needed
A glossy shiney "must have
a "come and buy me" gadget?

The Sun

long languid shadows 
steam gently rising from hedge rows 
the air is still
mist lays across the valley 
rising temperatures
a cool summer attire 
sunglasses to hand
bikinis under t-shirts
shorts and pale legs
loungers and umbrellas
favourite tipples chilling in fridges
ice-trays topped up
icecreams purchased
excited kids
picnics baskets
buckets and spades
fun planned
memories in the making
barbeque charcoal
cooking tongs 
chefs hats 
(husband's in charge!)
smoke lazily rising
days out arranged 
cars on roads
traffic reports 
windows wide open
loud music blaring 
soft-tops down
summers endless days

...all brought on by the sun


the 12:50 to Birmingham International 
and a tiny women with two huge pink suitcases on wheels - boards at "New Street"
then confidently
and without any fuss
finds herself a seat
for her and her pink entourage.

relentless Birmingham
busy with people being busy
busy being busy
through cuttings and tunnels we glide
and nothing changes
the view is of criss-crossing railway lines
tower blocks
building sites are everywhere
the cranes more prevalent than the hundreds of church spires  - which,
somewhere largely unseen - prick it's open skies
the scaffolding dotted with men in high viz
going about their work
as if Birmingham has yet to be built 
sites of industry
sites of dereliction
industrial units offering products of all kinds
services like industrial laundries
railway maintenance vehicles in a line
building supply firms offering "everything for the trade"
and dotted about the chaos 
like tiny islands in the midst of a vast ocean
are the residential streets
near abandoned gardens which won't win any prizes
with views into the backs of houses which aren't going to win any either 
some; trying to keep up appearances
some; not so
the places where the good folk of Birmingham return to after a hard day's work
cars parked
lawns cut and gardens tended
corner shops for that forgotten pint of milk
houses in streets
streets amidst the industry
streets amidst the history
a place to call home
a place to be and work and live and to be proud to come from.

And The Begin Days

The begin days
the spin worlds
the shine suns 
and trees the lights
the fuel fills up with woman
the coffee dispenses a machine
surfaces reflect off sunshine 
and the road speeds along the cars
causing the wave to trees
coins hand from a sleepy man's fall
money moves computers around
as the pay comes into woman
a complete is transactioned
and the day begins 

And the day begins
and the world spins
the sun shines 
and lights the trees
the woman fills up with fuel
the machine dispenses coffee
sunshine reflects off surfaces
and the cars speed along the road
causing the trees to wave
coins fall from a sleepy man's hand
computers move money around
as the woman comes into pay
a transaction is completed
and the begin days