Old Waldor Castle (On This Peaceful Corner Of England)

Deep amidst the summers heat; hidden in the forest green  
darting wagtails nod and swallows swoop; a meal to catch
as quiet under shade of ancient trees; a family eats
the mothers stroll with prams; their sun shades high so babies cool
and men with fishing rods along the lakeside wait; their luck to try; a fish to catch
sits a castle ruined there - and all around is calm!

All is calm - but once a bloody battle raged!
The calm belies that many souls were lost and so the seat of power seized 
a siege of great distruction dealt; battles left a ruined pile 
the self inflicted distruction caused the mighty walls to crumble
so determined he to take his rightful seat; his power to reclaim.

In time replaced by castle new; which built within the ruins sight 
so dressed to please his lordship's eye 
as garden folly; a statement made
and now on summer days like these when families come and children play
it's hard to imagine that battles were fought and that blood was spilt
on this peaceful corner of England

In Front Of Me

Hear the morning shadows pass the window of your sleeping 
see your breathing lighten by the glowing crescent moon 
as if a lonely heart was just broken into pieces
that couldn't understand why the world would end so soon
it wasn't like the dream I'd had before I woke up finally,
the one in which my tears upon the floor were many strewn 

We had nothing left in common but the gloomy autumn weather
I could see the good times leaving; now were many miles away
despite the remorseless march of the hand upon the clock face
despite the fact that time just wouldn't stay

I think you need to see it through your bright reflective glasses
you wouldn't know what's meant; if I sat it on your knee
If you held it on your hand; you might see that it was broken
broken upon the floor in front of me.

I Run Everywhere

I run everywhere,
these 'trainers' aren't for show.
I will always wear them
to everywhere I go!

I run everywhere
I'm found 'joggers' clothes 
look; I have the outfit
so everybody knows!

I run everywhere,
I'm always in the gym
I haven't got the time to waste,
I must be keeping trim!

I run everywhere
...though my 'lycra kit' belies
I'm rearly not fit and healthy,
I'm simply in disguise!

Ssshhhh... don't tell anybody!

Summer River

There to water the land it winds
the crops in golden fields wide.
To the sea its channels flow
now in summer with levels low
its banks are dry on either side

Less a river; more 'babbling brook'
its lazy waters passing slow.
A meandering strip a route to find
no gentler sound that comes to mind
than waters 'babbling' on rocks below

Long its sweeping curves are deep
calm its surface waters held.
No trace of movement there I spied
no hurried dash to catch the tide
its flowing passion clearly quelled

In clouds the ubiquitous skimming midge 
a morsel for many a fish to snatch.
A leap; a snap with teeth like knives
or grace and speed the swallow dives
its endless quest a meal to catch

The summer river has not the strength
nor waters deep the land to quench.
Like us we have no need to race
so will simply take a slower pace!

Just A Thought

If I leave my "Soft Rock" playlist playing on my mobile
whilst I go out walking the dog
and there was no-one home to listen
was anyone entertained?


Bricks, slate, glass, cement 
a house builds; but care and love
within; the home makes