SOUP - Doing What We Need To Do To Get By

Humans are a kind of soup.
Humans are just a 'micro-organism' soup,
sprinkled with about 30 or 40 trillion cells.
We all need love and the love of others,
we do what we've been programmed to do,
our up-bringing,
our environmental influences and our genes,
psychologically trained to think and act in certain ways,
to survive,
to defend ourselves and our families,
living what we think is right,
doing what we need to do to get by.

Of the 25 known elements essential for life, just four of these – carbon, oxygen,  hydrogen and nitrogen
make up about 96% of the 'soup' that is the human body.
The other 4% is football.
That 'soup' thinks that money is the root of all evil,
that their religion is the right one,
and that mother-inlaws are difficult to get on with,
but that 'soup' is just doing what it needs to do to get by.

That blend of 'soup' is human.
We live.
We're alive.
We are a 'soup' capable of performing functions like,
like eating other soups, 
metabolizing and excreting,
we breath and move and grow, 
we reproduce and respond to external influences.
This 'soup' thinks leaf blowers are cool,
one 'bowl of soup' invented the tax system,
and lots of other bowls of 'soup'  thought that was a fab idea!
but they were all just doing what we needed to do to get by.

This chemical blend of 'soup' makes us human. 
We live in tribes,
bowls of 'soup' arranged in certain regions.
each with tribal leader 'bowl of soup'.
The Russian 'bowls of soup' 
know nothing but what their leader tells them.
The Ukrainians don't want to be at war with this 'bowl of soup',
Ukrainian 'bowls of soup' want peace.
Iranian 'bowls of soup' don't want to be caught by their leaders 'morality police', 
'bowls of soup' with guns.
The British 'bowls of soup' like beer 
and wish their mens football team would win something for once - anything!
as a chemical,
micro-organism bowl of soup
...they're really only just doing what they need to do to get by.

The Station Seat

Who would have known what would come to be
as I sat waiting; a girl; for she
the one who always turned up late
the morning train was due at eight!
A girl I thought had smile so sweet...
the girl who sat on the station seat.

I couldn't really ask for anything more
when I saw her there in my local store!
A glance across the 'frozen aisle'
a look; a nod; and that beautiful smile
that caused my heart to skip a beat...
it was the girl who sat on the station seat!

Who would have thought we travel the same way
the eight o'clock train almost every day!
Time together; lifes 'ebb and flow'
a chance to chat and get to know,
but to discover I lived on the very same street...
as the girl who sat on the station seat!

Who would've guessed from all of this
that love would grow; sealed with a kiss!
The girl who always turned up late
saying yes to our very first date
no other girl swept me off my feet...
like the girl who sat on the station seat

Who would have thought after all this time
me just a little past my prime 
our little house; the children grown
time together to call our own
with all the things that we have done
with still so much we've yet begun
that I am the luckiest man there can be
with the girl from the station still sat next to me!


If we each recycle one piece of plastic,
in the middle of a forest,
but there was no one there to see us do it...
can we save the planet?


Who was it came first, 
the very stressed dog or the 
very stressed owner?

How to Be Happy

Have music in your life.
Let the song that's in your head 'pop out' occasionally .
No song in your head?
Get one!
Sing in the shower whilst holding the shower head as a microphone.
Create a "sing-a-long" play list.

Care for others.
Give a little of yourself to others every day.
Give others your time. 
Give to charity.
Be kind to strangers.
Perform a random act of kindness to a stranger. 
Give; for no reason other than you can.


Get creative.
Get a hobby!
Paint, write poetry, take up gardening or take photos.
Explore your inner-self through creativity.
Unload your worries onto a canvass via a brush.
Write it all down on a blog.


Take a good look at what you have.
Don't fret about what you haven't got.
'Things' don't make you happy!
Enjoy the simple things.
Do 'childish' things sometimes.
Roll down a hill whilst you still can!
Think about the moment you're in.


Take time out for yourself.
Look at the stars!
Look how small you are in comparison.  
Keep a positive mind-set at all times.
Love someone.
Love yourself!
Live in a positive space.
Create a positive environment.


Walk often.
Eat well.
Sleep well.
Don't try and take on the world.
Worry less.
You can't solve all the problems of the world.
Be happy and remember,
someone out there would love your 'problems'.


Everybody wants the winning lottery ticket.
Everybody wants money to live their fantasy lifestyle.
Everybody wants to do what they want to do,  and not have to work for it,
ever again.
...everybody wants to climb a mountain! 

Everybody needs security. 
Everybody wants a nice comfortable space to call their own.
Everybody wants to have peace and quiet,
and to have kids,
but not have them shouting all the time!
...everybody wants a soak in the bath.

Everybody wants sanity.
Everybody wants the voices in their heads to shut up!
Everybody wants to be able to live their life, 
despite all their faults,
and not have everyone complain about it.
...everybody wants to feed the birds.

Everybody wants a holiday.
Everybody wants to go somewhere hot and lye on a beach.
Everybody always wants to be in some place else,
some place other than the place they are in right now.
...everybody wants to paint a picture

Everybody wants to wash the car.
Everybody car is dirty and needs washing!
Everybody wants one of the jet wash machines, 
that allow you to wash down everything,
including your car.
...everybody wants to fly to the moon

Everybody's good at DIY.
Everybody wants to be able to fix things and make new stuff.
Everybody wants one of those cordless drills, then find endless jobs to use it on and fix stuff with it.
...everybody wants a dog.

Everybody wants a hat.
Everybody wants a reason to buy a nice new hat.
Everybody wants to receive an invite to a fancy place, for a fancy party,
where a new hat is essential!
...everybody wants to play chess.

Everybody wants to get fit.
Everybody's got a gym membership.
Everybody has a special room in their house, one that is full of exercise equipment,
equipment which is rarely used.
...everybody reads a newspaper

Everybody is a poet.
Everybody has poem in their head just waiting to burst out!
Everybody has written a poem with not a clue how they might end it...