Day Off

Body is still in bed and asleep when 
...brain wakes up and asks 
what we doing today?
body says slow down, we had a late night last night!
brain says it's time to get up!
body says just hang on a minute - brain still thinks I'm 12!
body knows otherwise 

brain tells body it's your day off and there's lots to do!
body says that days off are for resting
brain says lets push on through the pain - we've got to do the shopping
knees disagree 
eyes can see there is also lot of house work to do too
mouth says nothing
knees say; get some breakfast and a coffee first - and sit down whilst you're doing it!
bottom's not so sure of that
body agrees - knees rejoice!
stomach loves the breakfast 
brain loves the cafine in the coffee - and body feels better for it!
brain picks up that vibe
so mouth shouts - let's go!
hold on says brain - shopping list!
hands say they'll write a list
mind says; ask brain if it knows what we need
feet and legs say they'll take us round so eyes can see what we need 
hands and arms can write a list as we go.

List done; mouth says let's go once more!
eyes see keys
hands pick them up
feet and legs move body
all head towards the front door
arm reaches out ...
as eyes catch a glimpse of body as it passes the mirror in the hall

STOP! - calls out mouth're still in your dressing-gown!

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