Me: Retail Worker

We: customer

We drive straight past the no-entry sign using the carpark as a "rat-run".

We defy the architects and planners and take a short cut across the flower beds.

We pull - when it says push.

We enter - when it says exit.

We don't need a basket
then we drop things 
and they break.

We look straight through the thing we're searching for 
then ask someone if they have it in stock.

We buy junk and ask not to be judged.

We mistake members of the public for staff

We wait until the last item has been scanned to suddenly remember 
we've forgotten something - dashing off to get it 
leaving a huge queue of angry customers 

We pay for something then leave it in the shop.

We bring every personal item we own into the shop - then leave it in the shop.

We argue about the price of something - then buy it anyway.

We don't want to pay for a bag, nor did we bring one,
then we promptly drop all our shopping on the floor.

We seem surprised when finally at the head of the queue 
and we're asked to actually pay for our shopping.

We pay with pennies.

We use contactless but don't know how it works. 

We think that  just because the terminal 'beeped
that means that the transaction is complete.

We need to pay with our phones but haven't got a clue how to do that.

We leave baskets and trolleys to roam free 'round the carpark...

we: customer 
me: retail worker

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