I Wonder What They Talk About

They arrived in a 'gangster-mobile'
white with blacked out windows
The car's emblem has been lit up with an aftermarket part - it looked naff!
if you'd have told me he was a dealer - I wouldn't have been too surprised 
not that he was - he just could have been
every hair on his head was in the exact place he wanted it to be in 
the edge on his beard was so sharp 
you could have cut a sandwich in two with it
he smelt like there'd been an explosion at the men's cologne counter 
in Boots in the high street
and that he was standing next to it at the time
I think he was wearing the latest fashion
his trousers - sorry track-suit bottoms
were too short
showing off his designer labelled socks
she was in very tight black
they came in holding hands - not in a romantic way
more - a creepy way
her skin tight black leggings showed every detail
it was like he was directing her every move
he tells her to have a milk shake - she had a milk shake
then he places his hand on her arse as the milk shake mixes
she giggled 
in fact she giggled a lot
not surprisingly
he paid
taking cash out of his 
'over-the-shoulder-man-bag thing'
you know the ones I mean
turning away to get it out
maybe he was out doing deals
maybe he had his gear and cash in there
I sort thought he'd get a bent fifty quid note out
and that I'd have to refuse this poor copy of the kings currency
but no
just two crumpled fivers
I gave him his £1.41 change and he returned to his girl
her shake was ready
they discovered the lids and straws...
"It is nice" she eventually said
the first actual words she spoke
the only words she spoke!
he thanked me as they headed for the door
she said nothing as they returned to their 'gangster-mobile'
its music - well it was music to them
drifted to me across the carpark
and - with both sucking on their milk shakes straws - they drove off
into the night.
Thump, thump, thump thump, thump!

...I wonder what they talk about?

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