Don't Grow Up

As an adult 
you must never overlook 
nor forget
the unadulterated joy there is to be had 
by a child
in blowing hard 
down a drinking straw
which sits in a glass of milk
or similar childhood beverage
- especially a carbonated one
which then sends the drink
in the form of bubbles
cascading over the glasses rim
and onto the table 
and over itself
and the floor
oh and the cushions on the chair as well!

As an adult of course
this is very annoying
and contains no joy
as we are the ones who usually have to clear it all up
and possibly change the childs outfit
which is now soaking wet
so it will need washing
and drying
because this was the outfit you were going to send them in 
to the party tomorrow 
and then we need to wipe the table down
and the cushions on the chair
might need dry cleaning
...not forgetting to mop up the floor! then grow up 
you grow up not remembering this joy
and forget just how amazing it was
when your time comes
and you find yourself on your hands and knees
because your child has done this very same thing
the thing you did
many years ago
that you thought amazing

...this is the time to search your memories
rummage around and recall
remember the joy you found
by this simple act
maybe forgive them just this one time!

...or just don't grow up!

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