People call me the professor

People call me 'The Professor'
I'm really not sure I know why
maybe I have the authority
the presence of that sort of guy

I'd like to have been a professor
my colourful outfits would fit in
my wild hair would make much more sense - and match the stubble that covers my chin

Maybe it's my BBC accent
or maybe they think that I'm  bright
that with my round horn rimmed spectacles
I fit the perception just right

I like all that cerebral thinking
writing papers in an important 'rag'
but there is a good reason why I'm not the professor - and it is, one very big snag!

I would have loved being a professor 
but I must confess to you
I'm not over-burdend with qualifications
and Professors require quite a few

I have a certificate in swimming
and 25 yards was very tough!
I didn't really like it at school much
learning - and all that stuff!

School sucked me in at one end
and at the other end just spat me out!
I'm sure that all they were teaching me
was very important - no doubt!

I really didn't have a life plan
only college - so there must've been a spark
but college didn't have any professors
who on me, could maybe have made a mark

People call me the professor
but I'm not the professor type
I don't think I'd have be very good at it
but it's too late for having a gripe!

I think that I'm much too old now
to help young students to learn
so I'll sit with my wife and my dog - as
some peace and quiet 
is what I now yearn!

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