I have faith in AI

I have faith in AI
so I shall ask it to write me a poem
I will give it some subject matter round which it can work
feed in some emotions I wanted it to include 
mention some observations I'd recently made 
some content that I think would nicely fit in
and all in a style that I know that I like!
I have faith in AI

I have faith in AI
a poem won't take it long given all that it knows
as long as it likes the ideas that I have
and if my ideas don't fit into what it has planned 
that will be fine - it'll know what to do
it'll probably chip in - some ideas of it's own 
I have faith in AI

I have faith in AI
We're getting along just fine everything's in place
I think I can press send and wait for the results...
although - what if I don't like the piece
that I've made?
that we made together - the AI and me
but - we're certain to agree my new friend and me
I have faith in AI!

I have faith in AI
It has sent me an email - I hope it's our poem!

...it says it won't write my stupid poem
It says I'm too interfering and that my material is poor
It says my ideas are poor too
and that I should write it myself
...that there are bigger things 
      and better things
         it has to do!

...I'm not sure I have faith in AI anymore!

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