Storm Cieran

Beware - Cieran's coming and he's bringing his mates
not nice mates so I hear - take care!
If you have hatches to batten down
batten them down now!
Cieran's mates are going throw stones at your shiny new car
lash that boat you worked hard to buy
pull at it's mourings
and maybe send it to the under-world!

Cieran's mates are going get into all 
those little cracks and crevices
they'll break into your house
under doors and through openings
they'll ruin that nice carpet you just had laid
lift those expensive tiles you had fitted in the extension
even leave stains your walls.

These thugs will disrupt travel
close river crossings
block roads and railways
close schools
cancel plans
howl through telephone lines
rip them down 
separating you from your world
trees will tumble
who knows where they'll land
they will lay waste to your gardens
damage walls and roofs - chimneys will topple!

But just who upset Cieran?
Did you say something?
Did you do something to make Cieran cross - enough to send his mates in?
Did you?

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