War (You Want To Kill Them))

Ordinary people
'like you and me' sort of people 
people just trying to live a life
do what they do
believe what they believe
worship who they will
and all that 
free from fear of ridicule
fear of attack
of death...
always in fear
trying to enjoy a life
to dance and party
now want to fight.
Trying to enjoy a life
raising a family 
now wanting to sign up to kill 
perhaps be killed.
Trying to enjoy a life
to defend what they see as right...
to exist
not to have to cower in basements
as sirens wail...
to have their life
not bullets and bombs and rockets and hate
not to hate your neighbour so 
that you want to kill them 
with knives and guns and munitions 
...or with your bare hands - you want to kill them!

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