It Hadn't Been the Best of Starts to our Holiday

The airport carpark was almost empty! - because the airport was shut
we checked our mobiles -  the travel company had sent us an email which we didn't see
luckily the travel company had arranged a shuttle bus service predicting just this scenario - and we got on the right bus but to the wrong airport
we found ourselves stuck at the wrong airport - the travel company laid on a taxi at a very reasonable rate
finally at the right airport we checked in our baggage - it was over weight and we were never to see it again!
once on a plane - it was the wrong plane but it had our luggage
we had to get off - but our luggage didn't
on the correct plane but blissfully unaware our luggage wasn't - we were now 18 hours late
when we arrived on the island - it was raining, the first time in 18 years apparently!
at the baggage carousel we waited for our baggage - naturally it didn't show as it was having a holiday of its own somewhere else in the world
finally at the hotel and very tired, we went to our room to rest - but the flashing glow from the red light outside our window kept us awake. There was a funny smell, and it was very warm!
we gave up and decided to walk down to the beach, the gossamer clouds parted - only it was smoke, we thought from a fire perhaps a barbecue somewhere, how nice!
I looked up into the dark night sky and saw the moon - only it was rows and rows of streetlights
distracted, I tripped and banged my head. 
When I came round I thought I saw the stars twinkling - it was stars but the type you get when you bang your head. There were bits of concrete left lying around, appartently left after a hotel burnt down
lying on the ground I felt a warm summer breeze brush my face - only it was the exhaust gases of a passing bus which nearly ran me over after my fall
I got up and gazed across the shore at a beautiful passing yacht lit by the moon, or so I thought - it was in fire and the captain was shouting as the yacht was sinking
I got up dusted myself off and we walked to the shore to see if we could help. 
There I heard the peaceful sound of the waves lapping on the shore - only it was the traffic on the motorway flyover
there was a smell in the air - it seemed like something was burning, probably another barbecue 
I felt the warm sand caressed my toes as I walked - only I was being bitten by crabs
we turned and headed back to our hotel - there seemed a lot of kerfuffle 
we followed a glow and as we turned a corner - we found the hotel had been totally gutted by the fire

We sat on a bench within view of the hotels remains as it burnt
and we noticed the still flashing
still working 
red light
tumble into the embers 
and eventually stop flashing...
and we cried

It hadn't been the best of starts to our holiday!

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