The Sea

Go to it - it calls you!
Face it
across this border
the shore
this rugged outline
like a black line drawn around our lands.
The sea
with its violent moods
shifting our beaches 
tearing down our landmarks 
reshaping our cliffs
and undercutting our feeble defenses!

To this transition from land to water
from safety to uncertainty - we come
and we love to stare into this abis
and we challenge it to take us
standing full square 
we gaze deep into its eyes
as if...
as if into the face of death!

Having answered this command
this call to be at its feet
this call which tugs at our hearts
which talks to our evolution
our soul
our very being
as if...
as if it's drawing us home
telling us - we must return to it
once more
we must be alongside it
with it
on it
in it - to hear its call
to smell it 
to taste it
this most powerful force!

So we stand
and we stare at it
as if...
as if to ridicule it
safe upon the promenade its trying to consume 
along this edge we come
on this black line we stand
as if...
as if to taunt it
as if to say shall not take me
do your worst!

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