Come To An End

I bumped into her quite by chance
(I never imagined...)
it was good to catch up!
(to think that she...)
to hear her talk!
(had plans - all pointless now)
retirement had been such a long time coming!
(...neither of us knew)
she'd have more time to walk the dog!
(...about the clock)
more time to enjoy life!
she had so much she wanted to do!
(...inside her)
she had so many people she wanted to visit!
(...the countdown had started)
how it was good to get out of that job!
(...counting down)
she asked of my family!
(...not knowing why it had started)
it was a sunny day!
(...neither of us knew)
a day to enjoy life!
(...that her allocated time)
as she wandered off...
(was about...)
she was happy - oblivious!
( come to an end)

RIP Jane. 

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