Such Detail

With a repeated sharp 'crackling' sound 
followed by a small - 'pop'
then a 'rattle'
my wife
sorted out her latest delivery of tablets.
The crackle was from the plastic of a tablet slide - rows of transparent bubbles in which tablets were held prisoner,
and specifically proportioned,
waiting to be taken - as prescribed by her GP!

So; as each bubble yields to the pressure of her thumb
with a crackle of its plastic, 
the tablet slide being expertly positioned
over the required section,
just one of seven sections 
with their lids open
waiting to receive 
'Monday to Sunday' written on the lids...
with a 'pop'
the shiny silver foil
a coating on the reverse side of the tablet slide
full with printed information about the tablets...
submits to the applied force 
realising the once captive tablet,
this released tablet,
then drops successfully into the first section of the row of clear plastic containers 
with a rattle,
are designed to take that days allocation of tablets
and so will be joined by other tablets soon.
This routine is continued until each daily section
has the correct amount
of the correct tablets within it.

This is a routine my wife undertakes each weekend
those long plastic containers each with seven sections
one for each day of the week
the weekly containers that people use
to make sure they have taken the correct tablets
on the correct days
at the correct times. is then I remember!
It's only because I've put my hearing aids in...

...that I am hearing such detail!

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