All This Rain

A wet Sunday in February.
Rain drops streak down the patio doors to the terrace,
which wait
locked shut - longing for spring.
The washing machine shudders to a halt
with another load that certainly won't see the washing line - it'll have to hung it up on the on the 'dolly' in the kitchen!

Water drops fall from a gutter unable to cope.
In the drive,
puddles gorge themselves on yet more rain drops
gang together to catch out those brave enough - or foolish enough venture out!

We wait
longing for the days of summer
with games and barbeques
maybe a 'Pimms' or three!
Almost lake like
the lawn is now unable to absorb any more rain 
and now has huge oceans forming across it - should we get the dingy out?

And still it rains.
The dreams of a Sunday morning 
trimming the shrubs
mowing the lawns 
after lunch
taking tea - have simply been washed away 
by all this rain!

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