Nothing If It Wasn't For Us

The country ground to a halt
yet another rail strike had been called
not involving the train guards nor the drivers 
...they were both equally appalled 

The rolling stock had a disagreement
it turned into quite a fight
they all thought they were most important 
so they argued deep into the night

The wagons said the carriages were lazy
but the carriages said they'd so much to do 
"We wagons carry lots of dirty cargo 
you carriages simply haven't got a clue!"

A snooty locomotive then chipped in
with a fact that the group had sadly missed
"if we locomotives didn't pull any trains - then
all of this would simply not exist!"

Then a little voice was heard 
a voice whose anger grew and grew
it was the metal rails and the concrete sleepers 
both keen to deliver their point of view

"There'd be nothing for anyone to run upon
if it wasn't for us here on the ground
you would all be sinking in mud
how on earth would anybody get around?"

It was then somebody heard a distant shouting
and everybody turned their heads and found
it was coming from the station and getting louder 
there were many angry passengers stood around

"You are here to get us to our destinations
to get us to our friends and to our work - thus
if we didn't buy the tickets 
you would all be nothing...
nothing if it wasn't for all of us!

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