In The Graveyard

After our deaths - when we're laid to rest in the graveyard will care.
No-one will care that we thought ourselves 'the big cheese' of something - there's no power to wield in a graveyard.
No-one will care about the grandeur of our tombs
the family mausoleums in which we lay - leave that to the living!
No-one will care about the words carved onto our headstones - as touching as they are!
No-one will care about fresh flowers
regularly placed on a tidied grave.
No-one will care that you've chosen to leave no mark
to have your ashes scattered...
feeding the deep lush grass of the crematorium gardens.
No-one in the graveyard will care!

Death comes to us all 
Be we black, white yellow or brown.
Who will we be in death?
No-one in the graveyard will care!

who we were in life is more important.

Think about it!

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