Buy things
Get more things for your house
Your life needs more things!
Get a fitted bedroom and your house will become a perfect home
Aspire to this perfect lifestyle that we are portraying 
Look at this family 
This family have our product and they are perfect
Two perfect children
A perfect family
All of the time

Buy one of our financial products 
They are horrendously expensive but you'll have more spare cash to buy more things
Then you'll be perfect
Look at this perfect retired couple
They have a perfect house with no mortgage
They are so happy
They are agreeing with everything we say
And they're buying our product!
They're perfect

Buying more things will make you happier
We will advertise these things to you every five minutes on your favourite TV channel
On your favourite social media platform
In your favourite newspaper
You'll sing the songs that accompany them
You'll discuss their themes with your colleagues 
They're everywhere!
You will see our products everywhere
And they are perfect
So your life will be perfect!

Look at your skin
Your skin looks terrible!
Your face looks like the surface of the moon!
How can you go out into the world with skin like that!?
Buy our product and you too will be perfect
Your face will look perfect and you will get that job
Find that romance
Get that promotion 
Everything will be perfect!

You know you really need our product 
You have been feeling stressed and tired
Things were getting on top of you
If you buy our product
Everything will be perfect!
You are nothing without our product 
You must have it!
With it everything will be perfect 
everyone else is buying it
Why aren't you buying it?
Get one today
You'll be perfect too!




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