Dorset hugs the channels shore
to ancient cliffs its waters roar
waves uncovering 'beasts' of old
unvieled; then their stories told
enthusiasts flock to dig the ground
in hope that fossils can be found!

Above it's chalky bedrock; grow
its wheat and barley; row by row
terraced tracked-marked meadows steep 
the work of many cattles feet
iron-age forts; their ramparts still
mark the top of many a hill

Its almost empty countryside 
boasts panoramas; far and wide
the 'A35' like a ribbon; winds
the real Dorset it never finds
hurrying the tourists along their way
to where they think they ought to stay

In Dorset many a country pile 
was build in every size and style
'Athelhampton' or 'Charborough House'
both large enough for many a mouse
a 'Lion' and a 'Stag' on an arch; up high 
impressive to many a passer-by
'Max Gate', once the Dorchester abode
of 'Thomas Hardy'; it comands the road

Its pretty villages scattered about
with the funiest names; there is no doubt!
'Hazelbury Bryan', 'Hengistbury Head'
'Hermitage', 'Herston' - from 'Highcliffe' it's said
the views across to the 'Isle of Wight'
on a summers morn' make a wonderful sight!
To 'Durdle Door' the tourists march
to see the famous limestone arch
and 'Bournemouth's' beach; on summer days
is full with tourists 'catching rays'

The many faces of Dorset show
they're are many Dorsets to get to know
I know but a few; but with time to kill
I hope to discover more
and I'm sure that I will!

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