So I Could Give That Love To Thee

The games we played; carefree.
Toast and marmalade for tea.
'Banana Splits' show on TV.
You were always there for me.

My heart would know that you would be
my doctor; teacher; devotee.
Able to fix a poorly knee
a kiss; it's better; 1-2-3.

Soft and warm and feathery
tucked in bed she read to me.
Setting sail across nights sea
and in the morning there you'd be. 

You a creative 'bel espirt'
Saturday 'ficks' at the A-B-C.
Fed and safe; secure but free.
Prepared for life as I should be.

Firm with love passed on to me
A loving home and you 'queen-bee'.
When time for bed was your decree,
complaints addressed with repartee!

Sparkle bright my Christmas tree.
An angel staring down at me
None more lovelier than she, 
(except the food which I could see!)

Natures hand can sometimes be,
a cruel hand; which it dealt to me.
It came to set your sweet soul free
and you set your sail across the sea.


When my children come to me,
to ask what type of person she
I gave them all a guarantee 
that her love is deep in me
and that she gave that love for free
so I could give that love to thee

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