The Little Bungalow

Loved; no doubt
the bins went out
the garden; tended
neighbours; friended

...the little place was home!

Schools attended
knowledge extended
homework praised
the children raised

...preparing for the world!

Grown; they left
the place bereft 
all over-grown
and all alone

...things did not look good!

Then came the day
she passed away
her soul departs
the ending starts

...the rot begins to take hold!

Buyers amassed
not for the past!
Housing! A must
a profit was just

...all that they could see!

Sold; left waiting
it's future; debating
dark clouds ahead
feeling the dread

...will they knock it down?

Once decorated 
plastered; slated
kitchen; modern
now downtrodden a skip outside!

Empty; and sad
sold to a cad!
What lays in store
and what future for?

...the little bungalow!

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